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pySpy is an "I Spy" game written in Python using the Pygame library. The aim of the game is to find an object in an image based on the clue given below before the time runs out. You start with only the first letter, and every time you miss an extra letter is added and more time is taken away. There are bonuses to help you if you get stuck, but they are limited.


The game requires Pygame 1.9.0 or higher and Python 2.6 or higher (but not Python 3.0 yet) and should run on any system that supports them.


To report bugs or to suggest features for this game please visit the launchpad site. You will also find a list of known bugs here and their status.


Once you have the game you will probably want to update the levels. New levels are constantly being added to the game. You can do this by 'python -u' or via the in-game menu.


pySpy 1.0 (source code)


The images used in this game were mainly taken from flickr using a creative commons Attribute 2.0 license. Details for each file can be found in licenses.txt.

The midi files are under a creative commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany license and were created by Bernd Krueger and can be found at


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